We are sad to report that the October 3, 2020 Fall Benefit is being cancelled due to the Coronavirus and the volatility around the Benefit’s venue.


The Board of Living Hope Ministries is planning an exciting project that will last the entire month of October – a project that will directly impact Mary Jane and Andris’ living conditions.


As you may know, Mary Jane and Andris were forced out of their apartment in January 2010 when a major earthquake hit Haiti and damaged many of our buildings, including their apartment. For months, they lived in a car, and then in a makeshift shed, and then (and currently) in the guest house with other family members and visitors.


Each time a group comes to the mission, our two missionaries give up their bedroom for guests and sleep on a futon in the living room. We started an apartment project last year, but have run out of funds to complete the project or to even furnish the apartment. We have walls and a roof, but not much more. We hoped that this year’s benefit would change that. Unfortunately, the Benefit is being cancelled.


Here is what we have in store for you, your church, and your family. Beginning October 1st, and continuing through October 31st, we are going to raise funds to complete the apartment and create a new home for Mary Jane and Andris.


The project has three facets:


First, we are going to identify each piece of furniture, appliance, and construction item that we need, and will tell you the suggested price. We hope that each week, you and others will donate the specific amount of money to provide that for the mission. If the item is not “purchased” the first week, we will keep listing it the next week until purchased. For example, we will need a refrigerator, air conditioning units, cabinets, a couch, a dining table and chairs, etc. We will identify those needs and the prices to purchase them, and then (we hope) you will make a donation to purchase that item. Some of the items may be construction materials. We will send an email each week with the items still needed. If someone would like to donate for our regular operations, we will provide that as an option as well.


Second, like the benefit, we will sell four quilts made and generously donated by our friend and supporter, Linda Berkemer. We probably will not auction them, but will set a price and see who is the first to purchase them. We likely will sell one quilt each week of October.


Finally, we will have students that you can sponsor, if you are unable to donate for a specific apartment item. Or, as always, you can contribute to the general operating fund.


God has been so good to all of us at Living Hope Ministries, and we thank you always for your kind and generous support.


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