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The Trade school was founded over 15 years ago to take people out of poverty and give them a future with a trade.


LHM’s mission statement is: To train up a generation of young men and women to change their families, communities, and nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Word and Action.

We believe in training people up to work with their hands and minds to become productive members of society and bring change, success and a future.


Therefore, we have the following important trades and music classes for Haiti: Sewing (Men’s and Women’s Apparel), Cooking & Baking, Business/ Computer, Welding & Ironwork, Embroidery, Music classes (Recorder, Violin, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums/Percussion, Saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and vocal).

All trade school classes are 2 years except for the music classes which are 3 years. Our trade is recognized by the Haitian government therefore they give the final exams and licenses in the sewing, cooking, welding and business classes. Our class sizes vary greatly from 1 to 25 students depending on the trade/music choice. 

We have had a 90-100 % passage rate with the governmental licensing exams with the sewing classes. Every class has their own classroom, teacher and materials.

The partnership, $100/month (suggested), is financial support that goes to the general trade school fund to pay for teacher salaries, and much needed trade school supplies. While we hope to secure $100/month from partners, a gift in any amount is appreciated. Please email trade school partnership coordinator, Tamara Howes, below to discuss options. 

We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us on the

trade school classroom.


If you have any questions about sponsoring the trade school, please feel free to contact our coordinator, Tamara Howes at 810.278.0995 or click on the email button below.

If you wish to make a one-time or monthly donation by check, CLICK HERE.

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