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About Us

Humble beginnings.  Before Living Hope Ministries in Haiti (LHM) was incorporated as a non-profit organization on October 13, 1994, Mary Jane Basel (now Jolibois) had been in Haiti since 1986 working in a mission (N.E.W. Mission)  as a primary school director and as the director of the mission’s medical clinic.  Mary Jane was a nurse, and was a member of Christ the King Church in Columbus, Ohio.  In consultation with the pastors of Christ the King, Mary Jane left the other mission in May 1994 to start a new mission. Mary Jane sought the Lord’s will for her future: she considered moving to Tanzania in Africa or Tajikistan in the former Soviet Union.  Finally, she was led to start a new mission in Haiti.


With a total of $6,000 in contributions, Mary Jane and Pastor John Taranto flew to Haiti in February 1995 to try and find property for the mission.  Most of the properties they visited cost between $50,000 and $150,000.  The Lord, however, led them to a mission called Caribbean Mission for Christ in Haiti which owned some property (although the current LHM mission property was located two years later).  The mission was located in Mariani, Carrefour, Port-au-Prince  -- about 15-20 miles outside the capital city of Haiti.  The Caribbean Mission had no American missionaries and basically was not being used except for the church, an orphanage and a medical clinic used a few times a week.  The then-leaders of that mission had been praying for God to send someone so that the mission could be used again. 


In April 1995, Mary Jane returned to Haiti full-time to begin LHM.  The original purpose of the mission was to establish a school of ministry to train up Haitian young men for the ministry.  When Mary Jane got there, she inherited eight Haitian staff, a house and a few beat-up cars.


Twenty years later, much has changed but much has remained the same.  The Haitian people need Jesus and need an education.  The mission survived the worst earthquake in the country’s history in 2010.  Lives are being changed.  Many Haitians have been saved.  The mission has a top-notch primary school (pre-K to 5th Grade) serving over 400 students, a trade school (cooking, welding, business and sewing) serving over 300 students, and a fully constructed and active church. 


Mary Jane was ordained 13 years ago in 2004; and the trade school is celebrating its 13th year anniversary as well.  Mary Jane married Andris Jolibois.  They run the mission together – with the help and support of so many, including you.

Today, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the hope of the Christian gospel to the Haitian people through education, community and charity.

What is the purpose of Living Hope Ministries in Haiti?


Living Hope Ministries in Haiti, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable and religious purposes to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the inerrant and infallible word of the Holy Bible.


Living Hope Ministries in Haiti, Inc. will participate in, but is not limited to, evangelistic outreach, corporate worship, pastoral training and care, missionary activities, helping the poor and needy, and any other activity as deemed necessary to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Living Hope Ministries in Haiti, Inc. will also participate in, but not be limited to providing religious services for weddings, ordinations, baptisms, dedications, funerals, memorials, and the like.

Is Living Hope Ministries in Haiti a nonprofit organization?


Yes, Living Hope Ministries in Haiti, Inc. is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

How can I contact Living Hope Ministries in Haiti?


Living Hope Ministries In Haiti, Inc.

PO Box 3578

Dublin, OH 43016-0290, USA


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When and how was Living Hope Ministries in Haiti created?


This ministry to the Haitian people was founded September 21, 1994 in Columbus, Ohio.  It was then moved to Mariani, Haiti, in April 1995.

God gave Mary Jane (Basel) Jolibois a vision to start this ministry after she had already served in the Haitian country as a missionary for 8 years with NEW Missions.


When Living Hope Ministries began in Haiti, it was established on borrowed land. When it came time to return that land, Living Hope Ministries purchased the land at its present location, in Grand Saline, Mariani, in August 1998.  The land was desolate, except for scrubs, thorn bushes, cows, and goats.  God, and hundreds of volunteers, set out to build the Living Hope Ministries campus, and today, 21 years later, it is still growing.

Is Living Hope Ministries in Haiti affiliated with any other organizations?


Living Hope Ministries in Haiti is a member of the Evangelical Church Alliance (ECA).  Information about ECA can be found at

What is Living Hope Ministries’

Statement of faith?


Living Hope Ministries in Haiti believes in the entire inspired Word of God, the Bible as the inerrant, revealed, and inspired Word of God that is unchangeable and the infallible authority in all areas of life, faith, and good will. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)


We believe in the gifts of the Spirit, as written in 1 Corinthians, chapters 12 and 14 and the operation of these gifts according to the entire scriptures.


We believe in the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in a Christian’s life according to Galatians 5:22-23.


We believe in salvation through faith evidenced by works and the confessions of faith according to Romans 10:9-10 and James 2:17.


We believe in the great commission and carrying the Gospel to all mankind (Matthew 28:18-20 and Mark 16:15-18).


We believe in the sinfulness of all mankind (Romans 3:23).


We believe in the second birth (John 3:3).


We believe in water Baptism according to John 3:5 and Matthew 28:19, and holy Communion according to 1 Corinthians 11:23-24 and Acts 2:42-46.

Who is the leadership team at Living Hope Ministries in Haiti?



LHM Board of Directors


President & International Director:

     Rev. Mary Jane Jolibois


Vice President:

     Hope Boring


     Nancy Thorbahn


     Karen Negley


Board Member at Large:

     Don Dorr

Newsletter Editor:

     Deanna Breading

Preschool Partnership:

     Patty Davis

Student Sponsorship:

     Mark Gunderson

Trade School Partnership:

     Tamara Howes

Webmaster and Multimedia:

     Doug Jones / Stretch Multimedia

Other Board Members:

     Kelly Arehart

     Mark Breading
     Craig Boggs

     Stacy Lane

     Tom Engle


LHM Ministry Leaders:

   Correspondence Secretaries:

      Margaret Heimlich

      Betty O'Hara Smith


      Judie Schafer

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