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Missions Trip Application

Want To Take A Missions Trip?

Taking a missions trip to Living Hope Ministries in Haiti can take on many different forms. The average person looking to embark on a week-long trip can expect to pay approximately $1000.  Depending on current rates, airfare will cost between $600 - $700 (round trip), $300 for room and board at the mission, and any personal expenses you wish to incur (souvenirs, gifts, etc.).


Mission trip groups can range from small (2-4 people) to large (8-16 people). In the past, Living Hope Ministries has entertained travelers in their teens through their 70’s. Many teams are multi-generational, allowing the group to take on more of a family feel during their time in-country.


Interested in going? Download and fill out the form below, then submit to Stacy Lane for approval. We look forward to your visit!

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