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Have you ever wondered what it takes to operate Living Hope (LHM) each month?  There are more components to operating a ministry in Haiti than you might think! 


For example, LHM has 7 dogs on site that serve as its primary security system.  This is a necessary expense to keep the mission, its people and students safe! 


Another example is the cost of needing a generator since the availability of electricity is not consistent. 


The chickens at LHM provide meat and eggs for the Cooking Class, as well as food for LHM staff. 


Would you like to help LHM cover some of these operating costs?  You can choose from any of the operating expenses shown below, along with the number of months you’d like to cover the cost. 

2023 Projeted Operationl Expenses for Fall Benefit Website.jpg

We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us on

the mission's monthly operating expenses

If you have any questions about how your dollars are utilized, please feel free to contact our treasurer, Nancy Thorbahn at 614.288.8135 or click on the email button below.


If you wish to make a one-time or monthly donation by check, CLICK HERE.

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