These 4 beautiful quilts, available for purchase, have been hand stitched by a wonderful supporter of Living Hope Ministries.

100% of the proceeds will be designated for the 2020 Fall Benefit.

These quilts make a wonderful gift or will look great in your home.

Please note: Quilt purchases are not tax deductible, because they are considered as part of "goods and services sold." Purchases of "apartment items" ARE tax deductible per our 501c3 status.

Star Christmas 2020

70" x 85"


***** SOLD *****

Nine Patch 2020

84" x 98"

$500 (or best offer)

***** SOLD *****

Fan Fancy 2020

75" x 115"

$500 (or best offer)

***** SOLD *****

Log Cabin Star 2020

80" x 91"

$500 (or best offer)

***** SOLD *****

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