There are always additions and improvements needed at the mission, and this year is no exception.  Here is a list of the current projects that we would love to be able to undertake. 


1.       Complete the Welding Classroom Building.  $8,000.  A few years ago we constructed a second story on the original welding classroom building. It has a raised tin roof that should be replaced since rain continues to come in the classroom. We would like to put a cement roof on the classroom, as well as plaster and smooth the final coat of plaster on the inside and outside of the building.


2.      Outdoor sitting area.  $10,000.  We built a lean-to after the 2010 earthquake for a classroom. We continue to use this area for Bible studies, VBS, School waiting area, etc.  However the structure has become dangerous since the wooden posts are termite infested. We plan to replace the wooden posts with cement posts and expand the area to accommodate more people at one time.


3.      Expansion of the Cooking School Building.  $24,000.  We would like to add a 2nd story to include a restaurant serving area. This would help us not to have to carry all the tables, materials and prepared food down to the church for setup for the evaluations and governmental exams. We will add the additional room on the existing building.


4.      Church extension area.  $12,000.  This area would extend out one side of the service on the existing foundation. It would be a Youth and Children’s Ministry area, as well as an office overflow area.


5.      Finish the entrance road to LHM. $10,000.  Last year we put concrete at the entrance to LHM due to the muddy entrance where the students enter the mission.  We would like to do the other half and extend it to the road up to the guest house.

2021 Construction Projects Update:

* Outdoor sitting area
* Church Extension
* LHM Road Entrance

* Cooking School Building          [Paid for/Item Closed] 
Welding Classroom Building   [Paid for/Item Closed] 

We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us on

the mission's construction expenses

If you have any questions about how your dollars are utilized, please feel free to contact

our treasurer, Nancy Thorbahn at 614.288.8135 or click on the email button below.

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